Paddleboarding Outfits: Comfort & Sun Protection

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Paddleboarding is a fantastic way to stay active while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

To make the most of your time on the water, it’s crucial to choose appropriate outfits that prioritize both comfort and safety.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best paddleboard outfits that will allow you to fully savor your paddleboarding experience with confidence.

Discover the best paddleboarding outfits for ultimate comfort and sun protection. Find top-rated rash guards, boardshorts, water shoes, and sunglasses for a perfect paddleboarding experience.

Optimize sun protection with a quality rash guard

A rash guard is an essential piece of paddleboarding attire.

This lightweight, fast-drying jersey not only shields your skin from the sun’s harmful rays but also prevents chafing caused by the board or paddle.
For optimal protection, look for a rash guard with a minimum UV rating of 50.

Recommended paddleboard rash guards:

  • O’Neill Basic Skins Men’s UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Rashguard

This O’Neill long-sleeve jersey (amz) is designed for quick drying in a material lightweight providing UV protection greater than 50.
It features flat seams and a seamless paddle area for better comfort.

  • BALEAF women’s short sleeve rash guard

This BALEAF rashguard (amz) is designed for women and features a comfortable and flexible fit.
Made from lightweight, moisture-wicking material, it provides UV +50 protection.
It features a tagless collar and flat seams for maximum comfort.

  • Kanu Surf men’s short sleeve rash guard

This Kanu Surf short sleeve rashguard jersey (amz) is designed in a light, drying material quickly and provides UV protection of +50.
Its cut is loose and its crew neckline ensures its comfort, it is available in multiple colors.

paddleboard outfit

Embrace comfort and flexibility with boardshorts

Board shorts are a popular choice among paddlers due to their comfort and flexibility in the water.

When selecting boardshorts, opt for lightweight, quick-drying options with a secure waistband that won’t slip as you move.

Recommended paddleboard shorts:

  • O’Neill Loaded Hybrid Men’s boardshort

This O’Neill board short (amz) is made of lightweight, quick-drying material while being a four-way stretch for maximum flexibility.
It has a comfortable waistband and multiple pockets.
Its cut is classic, which allows versatile use.

  • Men’s Kanu Surf Barracuda swim shorts

This Kanu Surf Swim Shorts (amz) is designed as much for style as it is for function. feature.
Made of lightweight material, it dries quickly and its elastic waistband is very comfortable.
It has a mesh lining for good support and multiple handy pockets.

  • Women’s Roxy Endless Summer boardshorts

These Roxy board shorts (amz) are designed in a lightweight, quick-drying material and have a comfortable elastic waistband.
Its design is classic, and minimalist, which is perfect for paddleboarding.

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Secure your footing with water shoes

Practical and comfortable water shoes are essential for paddleboarding.

Look for water shoes with non-slip soles that fit snugly to your feet, allowing you to maintain proper footing while feeling the board with your toes.

Recommended water shoes for paddleboarding:

  • Aleader Women’s Water Shoes

These Aleader water shoes (amz) are made of a breathable material, equipped with Mesh upper, and sturdy rubber soles provide great grip and support.
They feature a “slip-on” design with an elastic opening.

  • Men’s Speedo Surf Knit Water Shoe

Speedo Water Shoe (amz) is designed with a breathable upper and rubber sole. heavy-duty rubber for added traction and support.
Its “slip-on” design is responsible for a secure fit regardless of movement.

  • Women’s KEEN Venice II H2 Sandals

These Keen sandals (amz) feature a waterproof upper and rubber sole. Rugged, non-marking rubber for maximum grip and stability.
They also feature a secure-fit lace-catching system so they never slip.

Protect your eyes with polarized sports sunglasses

Sunglasses are a crucial part of your paddleboarding gear, shielding your eyes from sun glare and water reflections.

Opt for a model of sports sunglasses (amz) equipped with polarized lenses that significantly reduce glare while providing sharper vision.

Choose a model that suits your face and won’t slip during your stay on the water.

Apply water-resistant sunscreen regularly

Never forget to protect your skin with water-resistant sunscreen.

Choose a high SPF (at least 30) to safeguard yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, and remember to reapply regularly, especially if you spend extended periods in the water.

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When paddleboarding, proper outfit selection is vital for a successful and enjoyable experience on the water.

Ensure you pack your rashguard, boardshorts, water shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen before heading out, and you’ll be fully prepared to hit the waves with confidence.

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